Iron/Scale Removal

We offer calcium scale removal in systems such as condensers, evaporators, chill/hot loops, and steam boilers, saving substantial energy and money.

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Water Treatment

Your system is an important investment. We can schedule your service according to your needs which will benefit you, by saving money on service only when needed.

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Chemical Equipment Repair and Replacement

Greenway Chemical Systems & Services can evaluate your chemical systems and make recommendations on replacement, or repair on site. We have access to many respected, proven manufacturers of chemical equipment, to support your system.

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Chemical Testing

We have built our company on a foundation of high-quality service, integrity, responsiveness, and quality in every service call. The capabilities of our testing and laboratory services support why we have a customer retention rate of over 98%.

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Training In Chemical Testing, Equipment Operation and Troubleshooting

Greenway offers training for your staff and personnel. Classes can be tailored to your needs. A few of our most popular are Chemical Handling Safety, Troubleshooting Chemical Systems, and Hazmat.

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Laboratory Services

We provide Legionella testing by fully accredited, independent outside services.

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Water Softeners

Our water softeners protect piping, valves, and water-using equipment while keeping interior valves from corroding. Iron deposits build up in piping and can cause premature equipment failure. Iron and manganese can also cause discolored water, scale, iron deposit, and black bacteria. Water softening will help to delete all the above if properly serviced.

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We offer hazardous waste removal and proper disposal with a chain of custody reports for your records at the end of the process.

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Smart Release

Smart Release uses a patented technology for controlling corrosion, scale, and microbial growth in open recirculating cooling water systems. By utilizing chemistry and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to provide simple, safe, and reliable solutions that are eco-friendly and cost-effective. - Smart Release

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